Handling Franchise and Liquor License Issues

Establishing a successful franchise operation often depends on the legal decisions you make early in the process. Determining what type of legal tax entity for your franchise business can mean the difference between success and barely breaking even. We offer a wide range of legal representation, from business organization law to contract and transaction law, as well as securing of liquor licenses. Our experience makes a difference.

For more information about our experienced franchise and liquor license representation, call the Connecticut attorneys' offices of the Baker Law Firm, P.C., at 203-885-1344 to discuss your franchising and liquor license needs today. Successful franchising begins with making legal choices that are right for you. Connecticut franchise law requires experience and knowledge not often found at business law firms. Larry Pereira focuses on achieving the legal outcomes that will help you meet your goals of becoming a successful franchisee or restaurant operator.

Franchise and Liquor License Law

We assist clients with all types of franchise and liquor license issues, including:

If you are seeking quality legal advice about forming a franchise, or applying for a liquor license, contact the Connecticut franchising law attorneys' offices of the Baker Law Firm, P.C.