Planning And Caring For Elders And Their Connecticut Estates

There are times when unusual circumstances make it impossible to plan, but it is more often the case that as we age we do have an opportunity to plan for medical and financial decision-making, for wealth preservation, and for the possibility of nursing home care.

At the Baker Law Firm, elder law attorney Fred L. Baker has been helping families meet the changing needs of seniors since 1976, with estate planning services, nursing home planning services and legal counsel on Medicaid eligibility requirements.

He can also assist families with guardianship and conservatorship, although with appropriate planning this can often be avoided using powers of attorney and advance directives.

Elder Law

A variety of estate planning tools can be useful in ensuring optimal financial and physical independence of seniors. Attorney Fred L. Baker will be happy to discuss how the following tools, individually or in combination, can help you care for a healthy or disabled elder family member:

  • Trusts, living trusts and special needs trusts: These tools can protect assets and ensure money is available to assist an elder in a nursing home.
  • Medical powers of attorney and health care proxy: These documents give decision-making authority and guidance on medical care should an elder be unable to make decisions for himself or herself.
  • Financial power of attorney: A financial power of attorney can allow a family member to make financial decisions on behalf of a senior, which can delay or prevent the need for conservatorship.

Elder law is more complex than simple wills and trusts, particularly when nursing home care and Medicaid eligibility may potentially be required. Attorney Fred L. Baker has extensive experience handling complex estate planning issues on behalf of elders and their families. He can provide valuable guidance as you weigh competing concerns and make potentially difficult decisions regarding care.

Contact the estate and Medicaid planning lawyer at the Baker Law Firm, in Danbury, Connecticut, to schedule a consultation.