Guardianship and Protective Proceedings

Sometimes, an elderly family member needs assistance when it comes to protecting and managing finances as well as needing help with other daily activities. In Connecticut, when this occurs, a guardianship or conservatorship appointment can be set up through a probate court protective services proceeding to assist people who need extra help with all of their affairs.

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The decision to have a conservatorship or guardianship usually weighs on a family, even when it is in a loved one's best interest. We can help ensure that the right person is picked for the job and is able to fulfill the duties properly. We are here to help you protect the people you love.

Likewise, being appointed as a guardian or conservator is a serious role that involves a strong sense of duty and responsibility. The lawyers in our firm feel that same duty to our clients. We will make sure if you are a guardian or conservator, you report to the court timely and accurately and we will be by your side to answer your questions about your responsibilities and help you fulfill them.

A guardian's and/or conservator's duties may include:

  • Organizing and overseeing dependent's finances
  • Deciding where the elderly person will reside and monitoring his or her care and protection
  • Coordinate the health care, meals, transportation
  • Managing the finances
  • Collecting income that is owed to the dependent
  • Paying bills on behalf of the dependent
  • Investing the dependent's money

We know appointing and overseeing a guardian or fulfilling a guardianship role can be demanding and challenging, especially when it comes to your involvement with the probate court, which is why our Connecticut guardianship and protective services lawyers believe so strongly in direct, detailed, personal service.

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