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Your Success Starts with an Experienced Law Firm

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Know Your Responsibilities With A Power Of Attorney

Connecticut law allows any interested party to petition the probate court requesting that the attorney in fact appointed under a power of attorney account for all activities to ensure that all assets and income of the principal have been accurately and properly received and accounted for. The accounting will also provide interested parties details on how that income and those assets were expended. The accounting will provide details of all expenditures, which must be for the sole benefit of the principal.

Throughout Connecticut, people seek out the Baker Law Firm because of our extensive experience in estate planning, administration and probate. We are here to help attorneys and other people appointed through a power of attorney comply with their accounting requirements, especially in instances where a breach of fiduciary duty has been alleged. If you need help, we encourage you to call 203-885-1344 to schedule a confidential consultation at our Danbury law office.

Power Of Attorney Information

The attorney in fact is a fiduciary and is held to an extremely high standard in taking care of the financial affairs of the person who gave him or her a power of attorney, for the sole benefit of that person. If there was inappropriate conduct by the attorney in fact, the probate court has the ability to terminate the power of attorney and to order the attorney in fact to reimburse the principal.

If you are an interested party, our attorneys are able to prepare and file the appropriate motions with the probate court to get an accounting ordered, to analyze the account and convince the probate court to remove the agent, and to seek full reimbursement if there has been inappropriate conduct on the part of the agent.

If you are the attorney in fact who has been ordered by the probate court, our attorneys are capable of assisting you in preparing a court-approved account of your actions.

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See why so many Connecticut clients have trusted their complex estate planning and probate legal concerns to us. Whether you’ve been granted power of attorney or wish to get an accounting ordered, our legal team can help. We will work closely with you to understand your concerns and create a strategy to protect the estate in question.

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