Your Success Starts with an Experienced Law Firm

Your Success Starts with an Experienced Law Firm

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Estate Administration And Probate Law In Connecticut

Since 1976, the Baker Law Firm has been recognized throughout the Danbury, Connecticut area for providing high-quality, effective estate administration services and probate court representation. Our experience and reputation for excellence in the area of estate administration and probate law often make the difference.

Senior attorney Fred L. Baker holds a master’s degree in taxation, which has contributed to his reputation throughout the probate court system for providing excellent estate and trust administration services. He has been known as an intelligent, knowledgeable court-appointed estate administrator for more than 30 years. Under his guidance, we offer intelligent, straightforward legal counsel to families and estate administrators wishing to avoid probate court problems.

If you are the executor of a will or are seeking an experienced, intelligent administration professional, call the Baker Law Firm at 203-885-1344.

Our firm provides the following services for many of the most prestigious family names in the Danbury area:

  • Court-appointed administration
  • Property transfer
  • Probate court filings
  • Executor legal counsel
  • Distribution of estate
  • Admission of will, final accounting of estate
  • Estate taxation law
  • Estate planning, will and trust law
  • Preparation of state and federal estate tax returns
  • Gift tax returns
  • Representation before probate courts, Internal Revenue Service and Connecticut Department of Revenue Services
  • Charitable gifting
  • Appointment of beneficiaries and powers of attorney

A Special Note About Estate Administration And Probate Law

In Connecticut, estates with assets valued at more than $20,000 require an estate administrator to oversee the transfer of assets to heirs listed in the will or determined by the laws of intestacy. Baker Law Firm is your experienced choice to serve as executor, estate administrator and legal counsel for completing death tax returns and final estate accounting, and overseeing the distribution of estate assets.

In the event of a contested will or trust, our lawyers can serve as effective, skillful mediators to avoid litigation whenever possible. We are also aggressive, experienced litigators when there is no choice but to litigate the final distribution of the estate through the courts.

Trusted Guidance You Can Rely On

Probate can be a long, complicated process, so you need straightforward advice you can trust. When it comes to your family’s assets, we’ll handle every concern with the time, patience and concentrated effort it deserves. Whatever your family needs throughout the probate and estate administration process, we’ll be there to provide it.

If you are seeking high-quality, experienced estate and probate legal representation, contact the Danbury estate administration attorneys’ offices of the Baker Law Firm by calling 203-885-1344 or by sending us a message online. If we don’t answer, we’ll return your call or email as soon as possible. Our legal team prides itself on transparent, reliable communication, and we’ll make sure your case is treated as a priority.

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