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Your Success Starts with an Experienced Law Firm

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Experienced Attorneys For Establishing A Guardianship

In Connecticut, a person under age 18 is considered a minor. A guardian is a person who has the legal right and duty to take care of a minor or a minor’s property. This is a job with enormous responsibility, and having an attorney help with the process can help ensure the right decisions are made.

At the Baker Law Firm, we understand your concerns and we are here to protect you and your loved ones. The skilled lawyers at our firm pride themselves on helping families find creative, legal avenues to protect assets and well-being of minors using valid estate planning instruments. Call us at 203-885-1344 to schedule an appointment to learn more about how we can help you in this important estate planning area.

Helping You With Filing For Minor Guardianship

Guardianship results either by virtue of the role as parent of the minor or appointment by the probate court. This right and duty include the obligation and care and control of that minor and/or his or her property and the authority to a legal guardian to make major decisions affecting the minor’s welfare.

A guardian ad litem of a minor is a person appointed by a court to represent the minor’s interest. The person does not act as a guardian of the person or estate of the minor in a particular court proceeding. A parent or attorney will often be appointed guardian ad litem.

A surviving parent has the right to appoint a guardian of the estate and person of a minor in her or his will. A guardian appointed in this manner is known as a testamentary guardian. Regardless of how the appointment occurs, the guardianship is under the supervision of the probate court. Our lawyers can help you secure or block an appointment as needed.

Speak With An Attorney About Protecting Your Family

Appointing guardianship of a minor is no small task. At Baker Law Firm, we understand how important your family is and we want to help you ensure they have a safe future, regardless of what happens.

See why so many Connecticut clients have trusted their legal concerns to us. To speak with an experienced, compassionate lawyer at the Baker Law Firm, in Danbury, please call us at 203-885-1344 or complete our online contact form.

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