Your Success Starts with an Experienced Law Firm

Your Success Starts with an Experienced Law Firm

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Negotiating Commercial And Residential Leases

For many small-business owners, renting a space in a strip mall or the floor of an office building is a financially savvy and practical decision. Before you sign an agreement, however, have an attorney review the lease for any oddities or specific details that may cause disputes later. Landlords desperately want to rent the available space and often do not state explicitly the lease terms. Without reading the lease carefully, you may face unpleasant surprises in the future.

At the Baker Law Firm, we have been reviewing leases and engaging in lease negotiations in Danbury since 1976. The attorneys, paralegal and professional staff employed here are skilled at looking for provisions that could create future trouble, or, at the very least, informing the tenant of important information regarding their rent and building rules. With experience legally advocating for businesses, we can help you protect your assets while you’re looking to rent space in a commercial building. Just as when renting a home, it is important to understand the full conditions of the office lease before you sign on the dotted line.

Contact an attorney before you sign a lease. We will review the terms of the lease with you and help ensure you are well-aware of all the conditions. Call us at 203-885-1344.

Lease Disputes

Despite the best intentions, landlord-tenant issues do occur. Usually these matters involve arguments over lease conditions. A landlord may want more rent, whereas a tenant may be dissatisfied with the contract commitment. We strive for successful and agreeable outcomes for both parties. Your lawyer will sit down with the opposing side and work out an agreement on your behalf.

If you are engaged in a landlord-tenant dispute, contact the Connecticut lease negotiation attorneys’ offices of the Baker Law Firm.

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