Your Success Starts with an Experienced Law Firm

Your Success Starts with an Experienced Law Firm

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Real Estate FAQs

1. Why do I need an attorney to represent me in a real estate transaction?

2. What is an offer to purchase, and how does it differ from the contract of sale?

3. What is the mortgage contingency date?

4. What is a title search? Will the title search reveal zoning and building violations?

5. What is title insurance, and why do I need it? What are my options with regard to Title Insurance?

6. What is homeowners (sometimes called hazard) insurance, and why do I need it?

7. What are my options for holding title?

8. What is a mortgage, and how does it affect the use of my property?

9. What is the difference between marketable title and insurable title?

10. What happens at the closing?

11. Who pays the real estate agent’s commission?

12. If I am purchasing a condominium and the condominium association already has a master hazard insurance policy, do I still need to obtain my own hazard (condo owner’s) insurance policy?

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These are just some examples of real estate FAQs we commonly receive. At the Baker Law Firm, our legal team strives to provide transparent, straightforward answers to our clients.

Call us today in Danbury, Connecticut, at 203-885-1344 or email us to get answers to your specific real estate questions. If we don’t pick up the phone when you call, our lawyers respond promptly in the most convenient manner for you.

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