Your Success Starts with an Experienced Law Firm

Your Success Starts with an Experienced Law Firm

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Employment And Severance Contracts For Employees And Employers

At the Baker Law Firm, in Danbury, our attorneys handle a broad spectrum of matters related to employment and severance agreements on behalf of employers and employees throughout Connecticut. We can also draft and review contracts, sales agreements and other documents that keep business running smoothly.

Whether you need a simple employment contract, a permit for the sale of food or liquor, or knowledgeable tax advice that will protect your interests, Baker Law Firm can help. We prioritize the success of your business and can help you achieve the results you’re looking for.

Employment Agreements

Americans are spending more time than ever in the workplace. Because contracts define the employment relationship and the time spent there, it has become increasingly important to ensure that employment agreements protect your interests and meet your unique needs.

The Baker Law Firm represents employers and employees in legal matters related to employment agreements. Our goal is to protect our clients’ interests. We do this by anticipating points of potential conflict and resolving them before they ever become an issue.

We draft and thoroughly review all provisions and terms of an employment agreement, assessing whether these documents meet the requirements of state and federal law. We often evaluate the employment agreement from our clients’ point of view. In doing so, our lawyers ask what specific changes or additions might appropriately be sought.

Severance/Separation Agreements

When an employment agreement ends, there are many critical decisions to be made. These decisions can have a great impact on the employee as well as the business terminating employment, so it is critical to seek a lawyer’s counsel on determination of the severance package.

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