Your Success Starts with an Experienced Law Firm

Your Success Starts with an Experienced Law Firm

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Buying Or Selling A Business In Connecticut

Buying or selling a business is an important decision with the potential to be highly profitable. It is also very risky. Surprises involving lease agreements, outstanding debts, hidden investments, contracts and more can occur at any time. No matter if you are buying or selling a small business or a larger one, being served by an experienced business transaction lawyer can help you avoid damaging pitfalls.

At the Connecticut office of the Baker Law Firm, we have been providing legal advice in purchase and sale agreements since 1976 in the Danbury area. Our experience is complemented by our commitment to personal service, geared toward the unique wants and needs of our clients. We focus on offering new and seasoned business owners a wide range of legal services to help ensure their business endeavors run smoothly now and in the future.

Resolving Issues In A Purchase Or Sale

When you are buying or selling a business, it is important to consider all potential issues. With experience in a wide range of business transactions, our firm can assist you with all aspects of your sale or purchase, including:

Business And Tax Concerns

With every business, there is a responsibility to pay taxes. If you are buying a business, undisclosed disputes with the IRS or unpaid taxes are potential concerns. You may have questions, such as, “Are there any back taxes?” “Were all federal tax returns filed?”

Baker Law Firm is known for its valuable service and knowledgeable advice from our experienced attorneys. Senior attorney, Fred L. Baker, holds a master’s degree in taxation. For more than 30 years, he has been assisting new business owners with questions relating to taxes and IRS payments. He will answer any questions you have about business tax matters.

If you are buying or selling a business for the first time, or you are buying another company, contact us to schedule an appointment with the Baker Law Firm.

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